Mission Statement:

To Discover, Empower, Rescue, and Train Under-served Communities in the Universe.


To help self-actualize individuals by living their lives to the fullest; such as enjoying basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, access to healthiest living conditions, and ultimately becoming self-sufficient.

Our Program


We conduct research in local communinties, social media, other non-porifit organizations, government institutions, and from media outlets such as televisons and radios to find individuals, groups, or families in need of our services.


In many cases, women, children, and some men need intervention to prevent damages from their family members. Damages could range from needing immediate hotel room while we search for the house for rent, transfer from one school to another, transit camp from prison or house of arrest, and finding new clothing and/or a new job.


Once we discover potential clients, we engage with them to determine their needs per individual circumstances. The needs range from assistance to training to self-sufficient mentoring.

Training Underved Communities

Once individuals, families, or a group of people have received our basic assistance for their specific needs, we seek to train them to eradicate poverty, and anything that caused them to lend in our services. By training them how to avoid falling into their future similar situation, we do not only solve the problem at hand, but produce informed citizens eager to help those who have never.

been in their shoes, to stay away from trouble. The same trainees will make sure that those that are still experiencing similar problem they faced in the past make their way to our organization to receive the lasting remedies to their problems.


We plan to make a permanent social, economic and healthy and developmental change in the life of many women especially Burundians, who spread in the universal because woman is the pillar of any growth in all field of life .